School Administration and Innovative education

School Administration or Academic administration is a branch of employees responsible for the maintenance an supervision of the institution and separate from the faculty or academics, although some personnel may have joint responsibilities. Some types of separate administrative structure exists at almost a;; academic institutions, as fewer and fewer schools are governed by employees who are also involved in academic or scholarly work. Many administrators are academics with advanced degrees who no longer teach or conduct research.

Some of the key responsibilities in School administration include supervision of academic affairs such as opening teaching and counselor positions, hiring, promotion, tenure and evaluation. In higher education (college) they also handle admissions of students. Maintenance of official records, financial flows and records, oversight of student life and activities. Also, it handles the maintenance of campus grounds and safety and security of people and school property. The School administration also must be able to provide academic tools, such as classroom aids, education software (if necessary) and the required education technology. Academic administration is also an important field to consider while getting into a career in education.

In the United States, a college or university is typically supervised by a President or Chancellor who reports regularly to a Board of Trustees (made up of individuals from outside the institution) and who serves as Chief Executive Officer. Most large colleges and universities now use an administrative structure with a tier of vice presidents, among whom the Provost (or Vice President for Academic Affairs) serves as the chief academic officer.

Special education schools require also people knowledgeable in Academic administration, since they need to accommodate the students, since some of them might require special needs. In some cases the school might need extra funding aside from the normal budget, it is a responsibility from the administrators to program and organize fund raising activities to aid the school.

Opening counseling and teaching positions is directly decided by the School administration.

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